She is a wife of an overall wearing farm boy. she has an obsession with candles. she often sings out loud when no one is listening. she dreams of writing a book. she bakes and cooks and loves to learn. she entertains others in her home. she loves all kinds of wine. she practices her cursive for fun. she can’t live without monograms & lipstick.

she always makes her bed. she believes there’s far more good in the world then what we give it credit for. she is passionate about agriculture. she dances with her dog in the kitchen. she can’t imagine a day without chocolate.  she travels & lives for her next adventure. she doesn’t have kids, yet. she learned football from her husband. she likes her coffee with caramel.

she believes there’s joy in every moment.

I’m Jenni, the ginger behind Gingerly Styled & creative entrepreneur who finds passion in the fresh love of an engaged couple & their journey to make a house a home. I love meeting new people & learning about life in others’ shoes. My goal is to encourage people to live a life that really matters, to build a foundation that lasts long after trends fade & life gets hard.

I’ve had my eye on working with couples & weddings after I got married. The experiences of planning for such a special day is something I truly cherish & want for every couple dreaming of their weddings day. As I transitioned through the newlywed phase I realized that although my wedding day was more then I could imagine, this relationship, this covenant, this idea of marriage was so much more.

That’s why Gingerly Styled has evolved into a two-part business. One side being the Wedding Details & Design and the other Home Décor & Hospitality. You can find more about the items & services offered throughout this site!