Happy Everything

Welcome to the first ever edition of the newly rebranded Gingerly Styled Blog! To bring you up to speed a little on what’s been happening, I’ve answered a few questions with ALL the deets!


Refresh my memory, didn’t Gingerly Styled have something to do with weddings?

It DID! Originally when I founded Gingerly Styled in 2013 my vision was solely on weddings & events. I have a huge heart for love & cute décor (who doesn’t, right?!) and I wanted to bring that to life in the weddings of others. The way fate would have it we were relocated to Northern IN shortly after the launch of GS. What seemed like a pause button was pushed on Gingerly Styled, the Lord opened doors through Etsy! I began making handmade items & sold them online in my Etsy shop. I participated in markets & pop up shops in Indianapolis & Fort Wayne.

And then you moved again?

Yes!  Just over a year ago we had the opportunity to return closer to home & we jumped on the chance to be back in the South! The Etsy shop is still open & thriving but we’ve also expanded to this new address on the web, AND a storefront in Dyersburg, Tennessee & Benton, Kentucky as well!

Wait, Gingerly Styled is a real store?

Yes again! Isn’t that exciting?! Gingerly Styled can be found on Etsy, GingerlyStyled.com, AND inside Tanglewood Antiques & Gifts in Dyersburg, TN and inside Antiques Et Cetera in Benton, KY!

Tanglewood? Antiques Et Cetera? What’s that?

So glad you asked! Tanglewood & Antiques Et Cetera are the cutest stores located in the historic downtowns of both Dyersburg & Benton! They both have home décor, antiques, painted furniture, gifts & more! You can find our custom handcrafted items as well as a variety of other gifts & furniture too!

So how did this come out of a wedding business?

That’s a great question! The Lord works in crazy ways & is always opening up new doors! My passion for the wedding business came out of my love for planning my own wedding. It was such a sweet sweet season for me & I wanted to share that with other couples-to-be. However, as life happens & the newlywed days turned into months & years, my passion for weddings grew deeper into a joy for marriages & making houses homes!  With the exception of this year, my husband and I have moved to a new home every year for the past three years. As most people know, moving is such a daunting task, but creating a space that’s full of love, joy, & safety shouldn’t be! That’s why Gingerly Styled has evolved as my view of weddings, marriage, and life as a wife continues to shift and change. My prayer is that this little shop of mine would reflect that! I seek to stock the shop with items that bring joy to me & hopefully to others. I pray that these items make homes happy and cozy and safe and the place where love is experienced daily!

Awesome! So what kind of items are actually in your store?

Located in our shop in Downtown Dyersburg, TN & Downtown Benton, KY you’ll find a variety of items ranging from handmade custom prints & burlap items to hand painted furniture & serving ware. I have beautiful silver dishes, glassware, & other items that are huge hits on the Bridal Registry at each store! I also offer seasonal gifts, pillows, pillow jackets, & other unique odds & ends. My newest items include wooden monograms & letters that you can view here & West Tennessee Candle Co. candles that are small batch, hand poured candles exclusively found at Gingerly Styled at Tanglewood!!

Can all the items in your shop be purchased from your online shop?

All my items listed on Etsy & GingerlyStyled.com can be purchased in the shop or online. There are also items that are only available inside of each storefront shop. These items may include some of the serving ware & most of the furniture. Some items are available to ship if you see something that you like

So back to the wedding thing, don’t you still coordinate some events??

YES!! I still have a HUGE heart for events! I have a large selection of wedding & event items that I rent out or can use when decorating or coordinating your event. More pricing information to come soon!

How can I stay in touch with all that's going on with Gingerly Styled?

I am THRILLED you to stay up to date with all things GS! I'm all over social media & this website is a great way to stay up to date!

I'm also kicking off a little sneak peek group on Facebook that is sure to be my GO TO place for new items, upcoming events, & sales! Join here

Got it. So what else do I need to know?

Gingerly Styled is truly a passion of mine & I am so excited that you have found your way here. I hope you enjoy this home online & I really hope you have to opportunity to visit us in person at one of our storefront locations!